Technology and quality

Production technologies

  • Hot pouring with tubular pasteuriser.
  • Hot or cold pouring with pasteurisation in a spray pasteurisation tunnel.
  • Hot or cold filling with pasteurisation in an autoclave.
  • Sterilisation of products in an autoclave.
  • Products sterilised and packaged aseptically.
  • Vegetables are peeled using steam and the knife method. Out of concern for product quality, the final selection is done manually.
  • We use only the latest and proven methods.
  • The vegetables undergo a sterilisation process.
  • We use optical sorters, metal detectors and an x-ray detection system on our lines.

We have extensive technological capabilities for filling bottles, cans, containers and other packaging.
You can read about the technical details of the service here.

Quality policy - raw material quality

We consistently ensure the highest quality of the raw materials used in our production.
Their quality is guaranteed by:

  • cooperation with agricultural producers on the basis of long-term contracts,
  • ensuring a cold chain based on our own refrigerated transport.

Quality policy - laboratory

The basis of our quality policy is the control of finished products. Verification of their parameters is carried out in the company’s laboratory.

Quality policy - standards, certificates

The maintenance of production standards at the highest level is confirmed by our compliance with the HACCP and IFS systems.